Friday, February 04, 2005

Bookbinding and the Future

Today conservation is not always about preserving originality, this Family Bible bound around 1840 for the "promotion of Christian Science" is quite restorable, and being the large 4to edition isn't that common, but the customer requested a traditional binding that can be functional and will increase in value but more important a binding that can be treasured and safely passed down through hundreds of years of generations.

The finishing of the bindings not only requires careful attention but a considerable share of taste and talent; taste to form a true estimate of what will accord well with the nature of the work and add to the beauty of the binding; and talent to execute the colours and designs in the best manner.

At this level no fixed rule can be laid down for the binder's guidance; but if he possess good taste, that in itself cannot fail to be the best instructor, and of course the possibilities are endless.

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